Hi! Welcome to the internet’s finest blog.

This blog’s style may be unusual. It sometimes has really long posts, with bibliographies at the end, others just some brief armchair theorising. Then there’s the trademark Nintil-style breaking something into pieces and putting it back together into something more coherent. And then demolishing it again because I’m too nitpicky. But in general, I try to

  • Maximise the truth/words ratio. I don’t like very long posts, they feel like a waste of time. But sometimes, they are necessary, unfortunately.
  • Be nice and charitable if I’m criticising someone. And I will gladly accept critiques if my levels of niceness are not high enough!
  • Avoid emotional language (Even things like ‘This is saddening’,’moral horror’,’It angers me’,etc). Mostly because emotions get in the way of proper reasoning, and I’m not a very emotional person anyways, so using emotional language would mean me saying things that are not actually true.
  • Instead of that, there are some really bad puns and humorous things in the posts.
  • Focus on abstract/general issues rather than concrete/specific

If you want to reply via blogpost to anything I’ve written, I will probably respond if I think it’s worth it.

You can send me emails at reversed(ritra)  at nintil.com


What’s up with the latin subtitle?

Latin is cool, that’s why! I change the motto from time to time, so visit frequently to check which one I am currently using, if you are that interested

Why haven’t I heard of this blog before?

Because I began blogging in English not long ago, and I’m not a member of any internet community where info about the blog can quickly spread.

Any preferred pronouns?

Nup. Use whatever you want to use, as long as it is understandable.

Don’t you think you sound incredibly smug and pseudoacademic?

Sometimes. Take it ironically.

What does Nintil mean?

Nintil is the capital city of an empire in a fantasy world I built long ago (It’s not an obscure Sumerian deity!). Artir comes from the same place.



Write me a blogpost explaining why I am wrong, and I’ll consider changing my mind.

Why are you so right?

Because I do literature reviews for many things that I say, in some cases checking for any possible paper that criticises the evidence I reference. So it will be rarely the case when I can be criticised using evidence that existed at the time I wrote the post. I may fail to properly weigh the evidence, though.

But, actually, you are wrong, and badly

That happens, I’m far from perfect 😦 Just tell me, ok?

I want to understand where you are coming  from. Can you recommend me a list of books or papers?

Suuure…. I’ll think about it… Eventually I’ll complete this section.