On how Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan, who stole 120K of Bitcoin, got arrested

Scott Alexander retrospective on his ACX grants program, with related debate on meta-rationality on Twitter. Some of it is similar to the observation at the end of my review of Talent, finding pragmatic "good enough" solutions to problems seemingly requiring lots of time. Similar reasoning here with Holden Karnofky's non-review of David Graeber's last book.

Regrowing frog limbs, note that this is enhancing a process that is already present in progs, not enabling de novo a frog that can't regenerate to do so. Here's a primer to Michael Levin's work by Alex Kesin. Thread.

Scott Sumner wants to abolish FDIC (deposit insurance). I agree.

Simulating a small MVP of a cell (500 genes) over 20 minutes

Works in Progress (That just got acquired by Stripe!) issue 6

China's private cities

Matt Clancy's January updates

We now eat more, and this may be enough to explain why people are more obese

Scott Aaronson on AlphaCode

Why isn't there a replication crisis in math?

Wordcels and shape rotators

Taking away inventor's rights reduces innovation (i.e. assigning IP to the university, not the professor; in Norway) ht/ David Lang

I did an interview for the "External Medicine Podcast"

Alexey's Best of Twitter

The US needs more doctors

Radicalizing the kids into biology, the way it should be done

Hypersonics: what you should know

Words that are known better by men than women (and vice versa)

Be impatient

What profound discoveries have not yet been made?

SF homeless man explains homelessness in SF

Red Pen Reviews (a website I trust for nutrition science) reviews a leading carnivore diet book

Terraform Industries' gigascale atmospheric hydrocarbon synthesis

The US set aside some money in 2009 for high speed rail... which never happened (Though it doesn't necessarily should have)

This lamp

A call for science funding lotteries in the NSF

Singapore's prime minister can code

The Karikó problem. Also, the importance of in person interactions.

The Hollywood model for science funding

Automation is coming to the life sciences. But in-person research is not going away.

Meta-grants from OpenPhil

John Luttig on Microsoft

How software in the life sciecnes actually works

Derek Lowe on AlphaFold

Thread with recommendations on lab equipment

Dynamicland: What is going on with it

Scientific flip-flopping: miasma theory was right all along edition

Old music is killing new music, argues Ted Gioia. Maybe mass-market music is dead, but we are also living through a Cambrian explosion of new genres and amazing music. Techno marching bands, trap metal, funk jazz metal something, whatever this is.