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Why has nuclear power been a flop?

Construction costs around the world: How does the US compare?

Coming full circle, from endless complexity to simplicity and back again (On the history of cancer research)

What evidence do we need for biomarker qualification (at the FDA)?

How was it found that lithium works as a psychiatric drug?

Roundtable on Richard Hamming

Review of "The Kill Chain"

Why is everything liberal (as in leftist)? Because they care more than everyone else.

The slowdown in agricultural productivity growth and its causes

Is Venture Capital broken, producing unicorns that consistently lose money?

2021 batteries roadmap

ACT (SSC) invited book review on "Why Buddhism is True"

Prospectus on Prospera

Against alcohol

Once more the Emdrive is tested, once more it fails tests

The latest on the mammograms and cancer mortality debate

Michael Levin's xenobots and Michael Levin profiled. Levin is imho doing some of the most interesting work in the life sciences right now.

Crypto skepticism

Inside the NSF and Beyond

The problems of air pollution

Cloudflare vs patent trolls

Funding Risky Research. A good summary of the literature, though they forgot at least to cite some of the most recent work on using disagreement to choose what to fund.

Thread on the Soyuz rocket

Why is nuclear power so expensive? Article and threads

Against stoicism

When did SF started to engage in urbanist self-harm? 1978

SpaceX wins key NASA contract. Is this the end of SLS?

Ben Reinhardt's list of optimistic sci-fi

CRISPRoff, a new technique for epigenetic editing

Red Pen Reviews (a nutrition science book review site) has given "Eat, drink, and be healthy" their highest score ever. Nothing too weird here, grandmothers were right all along.

The case against vegetable oil (I don't have strong views here, other than being an olive oil supremacist)

New deep learning model to extract data out of e.g. papers

Physics is broken! (We'll see, but this doesn't look like the usual fluke)

Pseudoerasmus pushes back against the centrality of manufacturing for economic development

The automotive industry is now able to move faster from start to completion of a given project. This stands in contrast to the US military, which is now taking over two decades to finish a given program.

Drone delivery is already here, at least if you live in Christianburg, Virginia

Mitochondrial uncouplers in cancer therapy

US aggregate R&D is on an upward trend, being at a historic high