A list of my past mistakes

2019-09-02What useful fundamental physics are we missing?I wrongly said that neutrino oscillations have no practical application$2Lee Pavlevich
2019-11-17NAMistake: Trusting 'Why We Sleep' too much. This mistake is hard to phrase because I wasn't committed to any object level claim, with the possible exception of 'every animal sleeps'NAAlexey Guzey's review
2019-12-01On the causal powers of mormonismVarious mistakes related to incomplete sources and a paper I should have cited on suicide rates for LDS church members that I did not$14Personal email (Alison Hugh)
2020-02-25-The Longevity FAQVarious mistakes around my description of the early history of C. Elegans research + other things outlined in the changelogs there. The actual rate I would have paid is less than $60 but I decided to make a special exception. The money was donated to SENS.$60*Laura Deming, personal email
2020-04-15Progress in semiconductorsI failed to appreciate the important of wire delay, overplayed the role of the memory bottleneck.$24Andrew Clough, personal email
2020-09-10Bloom's two sigmaBeing too optimistic about Success for All, even if that was in the Questions section (Which was more speculative in nature)$4Michael Goldstein (personal email)
2021-01-08The Non-Non Libertarian FAQ, Kenneth Arrow on the welfare economics of medical careExact mistakes are listed on the Arrow page, along with my comments on them$50The reddit user known as LordeRoyale
2021-06-17Epigenetic clocks: a reviewI claimed that some results obtained with Horvath's clock are general (for every reasonable measure of epigenetic age) whereas in fact these don't always show up in other clocks.$20Morgan Levine
2022-02-12Talent: a reviewAs explained in the EDIT in the post, now I support reference checksA drink next time we meet lolArmand Cognetta
2022-02-17Epigenetic clocks: a reviewForgot to cite a key paper and wrongly said one paper was published in 2015 rather than 2013$4Bobby Brooke
2022-09-07Set Sail for Fail: On AI riskWrongly said that chimpanzees have better working memory than humans based on a single piece of evidence, where there is a review from earlier in 2022 that shows otherwise$64Nathan Nguyen