Michael Lewis (author of a recent book on FTX)'s Blind Side

Xylitol bad?

Demons and Internal Family Systems

GLP1 analogues do not cause muscle loss in excess to what one would expect via caloric restriction. And we know that in that case one can avoid that to some extent by a high protein diet + exercise.

Cradle (formerly known as Lorentz, a name I deem more based), Laura Deming's new startup working on cryopreservation of tissues

Lumina, the probiotics company trying to cure cavities, playing very dirty here

That study saying that dance was better than SSRIs? Not so fast.

This tweet is a bit of a meme but there seems to be some truth to it, the post-exit startup founder to spirituality pipeline. This reply is interesting.

Dropping sterilized worms from airplanes in Panama, weekly

Andy Matuschak: How might we learn? (Check out his Patreon post for more context on the idea of exorcising oneself of the Primer)

The solar industrial revolution as an investment opportunity

Anthropic's sleeper agents paper

A song: BoZlak