Some debate over the merits of Minicircle, the gene therapy startup. It's a case of "in theory, it shouldn't work", with "working" defined in the most damning way: probably not even raising follistatin.

The debate over the usefulness of healthcare, Scott and reply from Robin Hanson, followed by reply from Scott and reply from Robin, with some highlights from Scott, which I think contains a good closure to the saga, with Hanson stating what he believes in and Scott agreeing roughly with that view.

And more biotech debate, this time about the Lumina probiotic that claims to prevent cavities.

On the synergy (ie the bad kind of feedback loop) between fat gain and inflammation

Reversing atherosclerosis with gene therapy

Michael Elowitz on synthetic biology

Astro Mechanica

The origins of woke, a book review, with comments

Research Leader's Playbook

I recently finished listening to the Billion Dollar Whale audiobook on the 1MDB scandal, which I recommend. Kevin Kwok has notes here.

Armand Cognetta on learnings running his company

A weirdly whimsical healthcare software giant

On the submarine cables that carry most of the world's internet traffic, and their repair

On jhanas

And, from the same person, understanding science funding 2011-2021

Trevor Klee on GLP1 and GIP receptors

Base Power, a vertically integrated battery/electricity startup

Brian Potter on fab construction costs

How might we learn, by Andy Matuschak