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Claire Hughes Johnson interview

Ben Reinhardt on K-99

The placebo effect, less real than it originally seemed

The allele in the DEC2 gene that lets humans sleep less (which I have!) makes flies also sleep less -and- live longer

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Novo Nordisk (Ozempic, Wegovy)'s market cap is not larger than its home country (Denmark)'s GDP

Self-coercion, a thread

For a long time I assumed calling people unannounced was rude and that most people thought this. I still think it is rude and I won't do it but most people think it's fine: twitter poll

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Management as therapy as management

Scott Alexander on date-me docs (if you squint at the directory you'll se mine)

Scannell on R&D costs in drug development and how to improve translatability


  • Of the adrenal gland
  • Derek Lowe on the cGAS-STING pathway as a cause of age-related inflammation and on new cancer drug AOH1996
  • The thymus involutes with aging. What happens when you remove it altogether in adults?
  • Inflammation continues to be bad for you

Music: Been listening lately to (1,2), you might enjoy them too!

Books: Reading "Now It Can be Told", General Groves' account of the Manhattan Project.