Scott's links post. A highlight is (13), an adversarial collaboration on whether there is gender bias in academic science (in hiring, grant funding, teacher ratints, salaries, etc).

Slow, Costly Clinical Trials Drag Down Biomedical Breakthroughs

Sasha Chapin on MDMA therapy

Chalmers wins long time running bet on whether consciousness would be understood by now

Matt Clancy and Tammy Besiroglu on AI and explosive growth

A weird fossil-inspired mansion in Joshua Tree

An economic analysis of Varda, the space manufacturing company

Drone dragons!

First successsful transplant, in mice, of nanowarmed kidneys

What are the bottlenecks to safe, repeatable gene editing in humans?

Taurine seems good for lifespan

Long tweet on why 'AI for radiology' failed (ie radiologists were supposed to be made obsolete by AI years ago but that didn't happen).