Review on the role of the microbiome and gut barrier dysfunction in aging

Gene therapy, now available in cream format

On post rationalists

DOE funding research in LENR ("cold fusion")

Building a better NIH

Patrick Collison interviews Sam Altman

Good critique of a16z's dishonest State of Crypto report

Treating sarcopenia with AAV

Shake a mouse's brain with ultrasound, get them to sleep and reduce their body temperature

Derek Lowe on the recent collapse of BenevolentAI (related tweet by me)

Small LLMs (Llama derivatives) are still no match for truly "L"LMs

Recent work in rare protective AD mutations

Monoclonal antibodies against AD, in a meta-analysis

Part of why obesity is on the rise is that basal metabolism is down (and so is body temperature, which you could argue is a good thing, as it correlates to longer lifespans). One hypothesis in the thread is a reduction in infectious disease.

I've been reading 'The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt' lately. Really good book I recommend.

Music: Most interesting find lately is Rise of the Starman from Arjen Lucassen