Are technologies inevitable?

Scott Aaronson and Tim Nguyen "Quantum Computing: Dismantling the Hype" & "Refuting Weinstein and Wolfram's theories of everything"

France has a meta-court

Neurosymbolic reasoning making progress

New meta-science research showing that the scientific ecosystem does not discriminate against novel research. Regardless of their prior opinion, I expect no one will change their mind based on this paper.

Tools for thought as cultural practices, not computational objects

George Selgin on the FTX collapse. DSHR's comment on Matt Levine's crypto piece.

Transformers got a lot better at doing arithmetic

Building cellular radios

Why are clinical trials so expensive?

The future of BCI (Milan Cvitkovic) & The advancement of neurotechnology (Adam Marblestone)

A paper claimed to be able to regrow limbs in various organisms. A lab tried to replicate their experiment in flies and failed. As usual with biology: was this a failure of the original paper, or did the replicators do the experiment incorrectly? Note that the original paper tried across a range of organisms whereas the replication only challenges the results in one of them.

Longevity Journal Club 2022 edition

The latest on Bret Victor's work

Lovelace vision document: ARIA's proposed twin (And similar to my Young Researchers Research Institute idea from here)

Is wine fake?

Building fast and slow: The Empire State Building and the WTC

I've been reading A Practical Guide to Evil, finding it enjoyable, and kipply recently introduced me to a new song I like, Bad Apple.