Rain is a startup that fights wildfires. They now have a second version of their system, a large unmanned drone. I was not particularly enthusiastic about that first drone, but their second iteration looks promising. I amended my wildfires post accordingly.

Orexin and the quest for more waking hours (thread)

Scannell on predictive validity in drug discovery

Matt Levine on crypto. I didn't learn anything surprising (been following the space for years), but the piece hits some of the themes I had in mind for a piece on crypto I wanted to write at some point, particulalry the incestuous nature of it.

Gene duplication of CDKN2C linked to increased longevity in bowhead whales

Scott Alexander reviews Rhythms of The Brain

VC backed company has raised $60M to date to... scrape Wikipedia? Poorly? Please someone explain Golden to me. What are these VCs thinking?

I ask Twitter for interesting things in the intersection of bio and ML

A Vision of Metascience, by Michael Nielsen and Kanjun Qiu

I turned 30 in October! I asked Twitter for life advice (of course I would do that), thread with the responses

Bay Area man starts bedframe grants program

The NIH had their own fast grants-esque program called RADx.

The Economist calls for the legalization of cocaine

Thinking very hard (in the right way) cures long COVID (and back pain)

I ask Twitter about costs of fusion. Will it ever compete with solar+storage? (Probably, but solar may end up being the bulk of the grid)

Unlocking abundance

Twitter thread with short scifi stories

Vinay Prasad on the effects of colonoscopy screening on mortality. As you'd expect, Prasad is skeptical.

Co-founding considered harmful

A song: this, which is also a demonstration of a cool musical instrument. Also this one.