The story of the "Corporate Memphis" (aka superflat) art style

Recent interview with Laura Deming

Yann LeCun on the future of AI

The rise and fall of Cryptokitties (not surprised)

Software engineering at Google, the book

Interview with Flexport's Ryan Petersen

Ezra Klein-Patrick Collison interview (Alex Berger comments on a thread, I comment below)

Interview with David Holz, founder of Midjourney

"This document is my attempt to keep a thematic list of all the problems that affect academic research, as I can tell from my point of view (theoretical computer science research in France)."

Results from the first Inverse Scaling Prize: finding tasks where the larger a language model is, the worse it performs

Assuming current trends continue, in 2030-2040 compute might start to hitting fundamental limits

Summary meme of the epigenetic wars (Context: Different people use the word 'epigenetics' in different ways)

I'm halfway through reading Too like the lightning, and it leaves a lot to be desired, in contrast to the praise I've seen from a few friends. I tweeted about this, debate ensued.

New CRISPR company, Tome Biosciences, aiming to insert entire genes into cells

SHRDLU was either very finicky or it just didn't work

More on the implications of Chinchilla

Effect sizes for anti-depressants mysteriously vanish when they are subjected to rigorous analysis

Often one sees weird U or J-shaped curves when looking at the relationships between risk of mortality and various biomarkers, here's a discussion of that in the context of weight and heart failure. I linked to a similar discussion for the case of salt here (as well as this book).

What happens when one goes full EA. Not that it happens to everyone, but it seems a good illustration of a pattern that has happened to many.

Unsure if this is a shitpost (a shitessay?) but here's a passionate defense of Soylent, from a food hater

Collection of articles from Good Science in September 2022

I ask Twitter "What is slowing you [scientists] the most?"

A recent Alzheimer's drug is making some (Like this one VC) optimistic. Not me.

Is a cotton bag worse than a plastic bag? Some context