The return of the US Aerospace industry

Simulating a biological neuron requires an entire 5-8 layer neural network (1000 artificial neurons per neuron)

ARM China goes rogue and becomes its own company

Tesla's new AI chips

When Elizabeth Holmes tries to hire you

When we observe something that has changed in someone that is ill, we quickly assume that those changes are bad. This is in general a good heuristic. But sometimes those changes can be a protective response (as with moderate inflammation). Could this be true of something like Amyloid-beta, the target of the ineffective and yet FDA-approved Aducanumab? Out of curiosity I searched for evidence that Abeta could be protective, and sure enough there are people that believe that.

Huge longevity company just launched, Altos. Way larger than the one I helped organize, the Rejuvenome owner plans to build a city that runs on a land value tax

Michael Nielsen asks Twitter for obscure book recommendations

Tyler Cowen: talent curator extraordinnaire

The US has been getting fatter for over a century, it's not just something that began in the 80s

Chef studies various kinds of pasta to create the ultimate shape: cascatelli

Eating a few teaspoons of regular (non-Ceylon) cinnamon a day may cause liver damage, a compound it contains, coumarin, is banned by the FDA as an additive. Ceylon cinnamon is fine.

By the time the Manhattan Project needed uranium, the general manager of the Union Miner du haut Katanga already knew that uranium would be useful so he already had half of Africa's production of uranium shipped in secret to New York, where it sat in a warehouse until he was asked to deliver it. "You can have the ore now. It is in New York, a thousand tons of it. I was waiting for your visit."

Think Tank Life: A guide

US Congress asked the Office of Management and Budget (an office within the Executive Office of the President) to set up a Research Policy Board to see if administrative burden was slowing down science. But they just didn't do it (ht/ Caleb Watney). But wait! There's more.

Devon Zuegel on Próspera

Milan Cvitkovic on IRBs

Inertial Confinement Fusion, a thread

What just happened in Afghanistan?

China's thinking about kilometer-long spacecraft

New Foresight Institute talk with Michael Levin

I ask GPT-3 to solve aging

Ben Reinhardt is compiling a list of ongoing arguments in innovation/tech/science (progress studies?)

Gene editing is limited by the fact that a lot of the delivery mechanisms (like AAVs or nanoparticles) go to the liver (The liver just gets a lot of blood flow). But there are ways around it.

Michael Shellenberger on mistakes in drug policy

Financial Crises: a review. Can we see them coming?