Organs age at different rates as measured by epigenetic clocks. The heart is around 10 years younger than you (as measured by your blood). Looking at telomeres however they had a similar length in both.

The extracellular matrix may matter more for aging than we thought

Aging of the skin, a review

Eosinophils, part of the immune system that I did not talk about at all in my immunosenescence review look like key players in inflammaging.

The Red Team Challenge (paying to identify mistakes in a scientific paper) posts some results: 107 errors identified in one paper that was volunteered for review, 18 of which being critical.

Clearing atherosclerotic plaque from mice with cyclodextrins

Review of proteostasis

Genetics doesn't explain much of methylation changes with age, but it does for the specific CpG sites that are picked up by epigenetic clocks.

Through massive amounts of data collection, a test able to detect some kinds of cancer 4 years in advance using methylation has been developed.

Gene editing mitochondria

Big pharma does less "me-too" drug R&D when US healthcare payers stop paying for drugs that have a good alternative

What do scientists on the aging field think? It's just 37 people though.

Ben Reinhardt reviews "The changing structure of American innovation", a now-canonical paper within the economics of innovation; and Are ideas getting harder to find?

The number of neurons recorded simultaneously is increasing exponentially (Though it will still take decades at this rate to get to measure, say, millions)

I did a quick search for putative universal treatments or vaccines for disease or cancer. This and this showed up. Worth looking more into.

High IL-6 is one of the usual markers of inflammation. But if you get rid of the gene that makes it, mortality rates increase

How to understand things, an essay on.. how to understand things

Michael Nielsen asks twitter about the Directly Responsible Individuals concept.

Cancer is sneakier than previously thought

DARPA vs the wheely suitcase, from Stian Westlake