Readers of this blog will know that I'm not a fan of Mariana Mazzucato's Entrepreneurial State.

But suppose I had to write that book, arguing the same thing Mazzucato argues. How would it look like? It would be something like a mixture of two existing sources:


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  • Mr.Primeiro Mr.Primeiro 2016-06-15T19:53:46Z

    How is the best book, paper or article which refutes the Mariana Mazzucato’s Entrepreneurial State?

  • Artir Artir 2016-06-15T20:29:20Z

    My own posts, available here under Science, Technology...

    This also includes a very good critique by Alberto Mingardi, and a summary of every other critique.

  • Mr.Primeiro Mr.Primeiro 2016-06-16T02:09:56Z

    Thx, do you know some paper/book/article that advocates for the free trade? A book which refutes the "infant industry argument" and show the trade history in the 19th century?

    sorry if my english is bad, i'm brazilian.

    *"What", instead of "How is the best book..."

  • Artir Artir 2016-06-16T11:27:22Z

    I don't have a good source for that but this and this and this may be helpful

  • Mr.Primeiro Mr.Primeiro 2016-06-16T21:13:48Z

    do you have a PDF version of "Against the Tide"? here in Brazil imported goods are expensive :p

  • Artir Artir 2016-06-16T21:49:40Z

    There are many 'Against the tide' Here's one

  • Mr.Primeiro Mr.Primeiro 2016-06-16T22:43:53Z


  • Artir Artir 2016-06-16T23:50:47Z

    Hm, I can't find it...

  • Mr.Primeiro Mr.Primeiro 2016-06-18T00:20:08Z

    what u think about Korea? was the government responsible for the korean growth?