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  • Georgian Georgian 2018-02-04T23:36:18Z

    RE: Morality as Cooperation

    My big beef with the moral philosophers is that they have not figured out morality much in the last 100 years let alone half century. As you've previously pointed out by asking where are all the Rawlsians? The study of morality is IMO immensely impoverished by artificially restricting morality as something that only reason can discover and support. As has been the case traditionally (for a modern example see Sam Harris' attempt). Nearly all of the interesting action in the morality space is being produced at the edges of psychology, sociology, anthropology and game theory/evolutionary dynamics.

    My favorite leading theory in these directions is from Oliver Scott Curry:

    I'm currently writing an article along these lines.

  • Artir Artir 2018-02-05T22:40:53Z


    Thank you for your comment.

    On the moral philosophers, I would not have such a big beef with moral philosophers! Moral philosophy can exist together with moral psychology, they deal with completely separate questions.

    On Oliver S. Curry's proposal, I read about it a while ago, but there are some things that seem central to morality that don't seem to fit with the schema:

    *Donations to overseas recipients (That will never reciprocate). These are widely regarded as good, yet they are not a form of cooperation unless one defines cooperation as any other-interests-promoting activities.

    *The anticooperative act of war that is declaring war of Nazi germany is generally thought of as a bad thing

    • Some moral philosophies -virtue ethics- and religions judge things as good/bad that don't have to do with interpersonal relations (e.g. prohibitions on masturbation, or a duty to excel and maintain health, etc)

    *Stopping a criminal from committing a crime is seen as good. Helping him is seen as bad.

    Yet I concede that the theory seems compelling. The reason for this is that is that if one limits morality to interpersonal relations, and one looks only for social situations (excluding the overseas donation case) and one has in mind cooperation in a virtuous sense (e.g. a bunch of mobsters cooperating is a bad thing), then almost by tautology it follows that morality is cooperation. But that's not an interesting result.

    Please keep me informed when you post your article, I'll read it!

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