A list of all my bets

  • Starcraft pros won’t be beaten by a bot in 2018. The bet will be resolved in 2019 to allow for events happening in 2018 but not being made public until later.
    • For: Me
    • Against: Miles Brundage
    • Start date: 04-01-2017
    • Resolution date: 15-05-2019
    • Amount: 100$
    • Status: Pending. Deepmind’s AlphaStar defeated TLO and MaNa in 2018, but in hard to judge circumstances, the APM limit may not have been low enough, so through superior input speed AS might have won, and the bet implicitly assumed that the match would be “fair” regarding input.
  • The spread of PC culture in the US was due to a PsyOps intervention from a US rival.
    • For: Riva-Melissa Tez
    • Against: Me
    • Start date: 17-12-2018
    • Resolution date: Two years from start date (17-12-2020)
    • Amount: 100$ (inflation adjusted)
    • Status: Ongoing