I'll be moving to London next May for a new job in Data Science. This means if you live there you may suddenly see me walking around absentmindedly thinking about my next blog post. Or something.

Next post will be a followup to my post on consciousness. After that one, no more philosophy for a while, and I'll blog on something TBD, one strong candidate is the history of the railway system in Japan, the history of Embraer, or the fall of the Soviet Union. Or maybe about supersonic aircraft. There's also a half-written post on the effects of inequality on growth that it's written in Spanish and I will translate at some point. I also want to thank my patrons in Patreon for contributing monies to the blog, and I remind them -and you- that if they want me to write about something in particular, they can ask me to and I will consider it. There are lots of things to write about that I want to write about, and you can influence the order in which I do.