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Why numbering should start at one

You may have heard of the 0-index vs 1-index debates. This is about that.

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Stereotypes and discrimination against women in STEM

Yes, one more post about the Google memo. Here, I review the evidence that was put forward to support the idea that the gender gap in STEM participation (especially in engineering) is due to stereotypes and discrimination.

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Links (11)

Collection of papers and articles that I’ve spotted since my previous links post that seem interesting.

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Women in STEM: a cross-country view

In my previous articles about the Google memo, I mentioned repeatedly the existence of an international gap in the proportion of women in STEM education. Some people criticised this, citing examples of, for example, United Arab Emirates, India, or Saudi … Continue reading

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Contra Sadedin & Varinsky: the Google memo is still right, again

Two recent articles, published here and here claim to debunk the Google memo. They are wrong. Here is why. [This is my third post about the Googlegate (Post 1, Post 2)]

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Indian feminism and the role of the environment: Why the Google memo is still right

In my previous post here I explained why the Google memo is fundamentally right in its factual claims about the broad population, which in turn explains the proportion of women in Google itself. Here I discuss some arguments against what has … Continue reading

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Why so few women in CS: the Google memo is fundamentally right

It is, and it is not sexist.

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