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On the educational gender-equality paradox [REVISED]

It has been argued that in developed countries, or more concretely, in countries with higher gender equality, women are less represented in the STEM fields. Here I look at this claim and its veracity. This post was prompted by the … Continue reading

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Fixing science (Part 1)

It has been argued that the rate of scientific or technical progress is slowing down. When there is not enough of something, the two common solutions is to use more resources for that end, or to use them better.

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Stuff I own and use

Inspired by Alexey Guzey’s list

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Links (27)

Lighthouse provision in Edo period Japan. Like the post-Coase literature, it reveals an interesting interplay of public and private. Quantifying how much worse sleep deprivation makes you at writing code The next big thing in battery technology? A brief history … Continue reading

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Links (26) & GDP nihilism

Collection of papers and articles that I’ve spotted since my previous links post that seem interesting.

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On the relation between parenthood and caring about the future

You might have heard people saying “I only trust the political views of people with children, because they actually have a reason to care about the long-term future, unlike non-parents” or that “I don’t trust anyone’s political opinion if they don’t … Continue reading

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Was World War II good for economic growth?

World War II supposed a substantial increase in US federal R&D spending, and it may be regarded as an imperfect[1] natural experiment of what happens when you transition a country from a relatively “laissez faire” (with many caveats) model of … Continue reading

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