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Collection of papers and articles that I’ve spotted since my previous links post that seem interesting.




  • Another blow for the short-termism hypothesis. This is the idea that markets make companies myopic, causing a fall in R&D and so on. If you remember way back when I reviewed Mazzucato’s book, I already found this hypothesis to be quite dodgy. The evidence since then (so far) has come out in my favor.
  • Marshall islands launch the world’s first sovereign cryptocurrency
  • On the generalisability of research findings from social science (podcast)


  • A comprehensive review of the literature of paranormal effects (“psi”) founds evidence that it is real. Published in a top journal, but not by Daryl Bem. Like previous studies, this makes one either accept psi, or lower substantially how trustworthy conclusions from some branches of psychology are.
  • Remember the theory that the human brain got bigger to deal with the complexities of social life? New paper criticises that, arguing that instead the brain got sw0le to deal with the physical, not social, environment. (Not that the social is not physical, but I mean the non-social aspect of the physical!)
  • A critique of some evopsy theories is that mate choice does not happen in isolation, e.g. parents pressure their kids. But evopsy has replies for this.
  • What is reverse psychopathy?
  • Autistic kids, especially girls, express a higher interest to be the opposite gender
  • Does temporary poverty reduce IQ by 13 points? Probably not.


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