The Soviet Union Series: The Book

Remember all those blogposts about the Soviet Union I’ve been writing?

They are now a book! The Adam Smith Institute has just published Back in the USSR: What life was like in the Soviet Union . It is an edited version of the Soviet Series, including nicer plots, many rewritten sections, and a coherent structure. The content itself is the same, if anything it has been cut down, and many of the super-lengthy quotes I’m infamous for have been abridged. Anyway, if you liked the original posts, you will also probably like the book too!

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4 Responses to The Soviet Union Series: The Book

  1. Iskander says:

    Congrats! ASI do some good really good stuff.

  2. primodemus says:

    Antes que nada, felicitaciones por el libro y por el excelente blog.
    Te comento que el gráfico de la página 10 está repetido, es igual al de la página 9.

    • Artir says:

      Gracias.Lo sé, ya me lo han comentado. Ese y otros errores serán corregidos en una futura edición impresa

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