So here we are one more year. Right now I'm preparing an article for next year about aircraft engine chevrons(!), but I had to do first the traditional retrospective post.

This year has been really good for the blog:Captura de pantalla de 2015-12-31 11-29-20

More views than the rest of the years combined! This is mostly because (I think) I switched to writing in English, and I got more readers that way. Also, because of some RTs by very popular twitter accounts (Thanks to Pseudoerasmus and Marc Andreessen!).

This year I wrote 61 posts, compared to 38 in 2014 and 69 in 2013 (I used to do recommendations posts, that's why it was higher in 2013). In general, I think the argumentational quality has gone up.

If you follow the blog, you may have noticed the Latin mottoes change. Here there are a few, with their meaning.

  • Gradatim ferociter (By degrees, ferociously)
  • Obscuris vera involvens (The truth is enveloped by obscurity)
  • Fui quod es, eris quod sum (I once was what you are, you will be what I am)
  • Festina lente (Hurry slowly)
  • Sapienti sat (Enough for the wise)
  • De omni re scibili et quibusdam aliis (About every knowable thing, and even certain other things)

This year's top posts have been:

  1. Instalar Ubuntu con Windows 8.1/10 on how to, well, install Ubuntu alongside Windows.
  2. Mazzucato and the iPhone (II): The myth of the Entrepreneurial State, criticising a book about the role of the State in innovation.
  3. Slaying Alexander's Moloch, a critique of Scott Alexander's concept of Moloch. Alexander is one of my favourite bloggers, but I think he's too pessimistic there.
  4. Linear models: Comments on Ridley. Ridley argues that basic science isn't very useful. Not so fast, I said.
  5. Mazzucato and the iPhone (I) A review of the impact of Mariana's story of the iPhone in several sites, to frame the second part of that post. Interestingly, it got RT'd by Mazzucato herself!
  6. Sobre normas universales, simétricas y funcionales, a critique of a certain defense of libertarianism. I got a reply, and I'm preparing mine.
  7. Por qué no voto? Why I don't vote, explained.
  8. Are (social) conservatives less inteligent? A review of a meta-analysis on that question
  9. Huemer contra Caplan: Why Bryan Caplan should abandon desert. On non-utilitarian, huemerian grounds, I argue against the concept of desert.
  10. Sobre el mérito. A discussion of the concept of merit, and its relation of justice and meritocracy.
  11. Why so many utilitarians? Exactly what it says on the tin.

Interestingly, I've written a lot of posts on innovation and technology, but haven't received much attention. Check them out here.

See you in 2016!

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